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Organising and mobilising with community care workers towards Health for All.  At Wellness Foundation we believe that community care workers form an integral part of a healthy, functional primary health care system that is able to provide quality health care and other health-related  services to all South Africans.  Read more    
Psycho-social support for community care workers. AIDS Response helps communities - individuals and organisations - to work better by strengthening their capacity for care, health and wellbeing. Read more
Training and Capacity Building around health and wellness.   We draw on years of experience in the wellness and self-care field and offer a programme to partner with you over at least one year to enable you to build capacity in the area of wellness in your organisation. Read more Wellness services and products to business and the general public. A: Counselling – counsellors can offer helpful insights and stress reduction techniques to help alleviate specific problems. An individual can book a series of sessions to deal with a particular problem. Read more